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No fault divorce in New York

As the name implies, a "no fault" divorce eliminates the acrimonious process of blaming your spouse for the dissolution of the marriage. You can both agree that it didn't work out and let bygone be bygone.
Yet there remains many weighty issues such as property division, child support, and a host of other considerations best journeyed with the attorneys at Noonan Brown Law.
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Criminal Culpability In Overdose Deaths

Broome County District Attorney Stephen Cornwell is joining the chorus of many DA's that are taking aggressive measures to curb the opiate crisis. More...


New York Chemical Refusal Hearing

After refusing to submit to a chemical test, your license will be suspended at arraignment and you will be directed to attend to DMV Chemical Refusal Hearing. More... 

New York Breathalyzer Refusal

Refusing to submit to a breathalyzer begins a process that will almost certainly carry long-lasting consequences on your driving privileges. More...


Offenses Faced By Commercial Drivers

New York drivers that hold a CDL License are held to a higher standard than regular drivers, and so traffic infractions and other offenses carry more substantial penalties. More...


Southern Tier Opiate Epidemic In The Spotlight

Noonan Brown Law shares the sentiment of many in the criminal justice system that addiction is a disease and whenever possible, we fiercely advocate for treatment and alternatives to incarceration. More...


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