Charged with drunk driving in Broome County? 


With so many lasting consequences of a DWI conviction, it makes sense to hire Broome County's preeminent DWI attorneys. Noonan Brown Law will fight vigorously for the best possible outcome of your DWI charge.





Your DWI defense advocates

At NoonanBrown Law, we understand what is at stake in your DWI case. We have the experience and resources it takes to protect your rights and get results.


A DWI conviction can bring severe repercussions. In addition to a possible jail sentence, you may face dramatic restrictions on your ability to drive.

Driving restrictions may include any of the following: a revocation or suspension of your driver's license or driving privileges, the requirement that you place an interlock device on your car, the requirement that you wear an ankle bracelet which measures the amount of alcohol in your bloodstream, mandatory enrollment in a months-long treatment programs, and even the possible forfeiture of your vehicle.


Put a former prosecutor on your team.

Chris Brown is a former prosecutor in the Broome County District Attorney's Office who handled thousands of criminal and domestic violence cases, from traffic tickets to Felony Driving While Intoxicated, Violent Assault and First Degree Rape. Chris has brought over 100 cases to trial. His work on both sides of the courtroom gives him the unique insights to anticipate an opponent's arguments and build a defense accordingly. During his time as a prosecutor, he also became familiar with the local courts, judges, and opposing counsel. Leverage this experience to mount an aggressive defense against a wide range of charges.


This is a serious matter that needs prompt intervention of competent DWI attorneys who can minimize or eliminate the negative impact this arrest can have on the rest of your life. Certain defenses must be brought up in a timely matter, otherwise you forfeit the right to assert those defenses. Don't wait. Call Noonan Brown Law today to get ahead of this and navigate the process with experts.